Jackpot City Casino Keno

Have a fun and relaxing time playing Aussie casino games at Jackpot City Casino! With over 450 online casino games that we have available, one of the most enjoyable and laid-back games that we have to offer is our online Jackpot City Casino keno games.

Keno is an incredible game of chance that you can enjoy that is much like playing bingo. Not only does this AU casino game have the most tranquil setting in any of our casino games, but online keno also gives you the biggest payouts that you could ever imagine. You can earn more than 20 times your initial $1 bet in just one round!

Here’s all you need to do to start playing:

  1. Login to your Jackpot Winners Casino account. If you don’t have an account just yet, click here and you can start your registration now!
  2. Once you’ve gotten into your casino account, choose any of the online keno games that we have available. There, you will see the keno board that has a payout table, a ‘bubble’ that contains numbers ranging from 1-80, a hits table, and a bar underneath that shows your controls and credits.
  3. Select how much you want to wager as well as how many rounds.
  4. Choose 1 to 20 numbers within the bubble and press play.
  5. After this, 20 numbers will be selected by a random numbers generator.
  6. You can collect your winnings based on how many your chosen numbers match the random numbers brought out. The more hits you get, the more money you win!

So don’t wait another second and start trying your hand with our online keno games immediately! Create an account at Jackpot City Casino and you may very well get to collect heaps of winnings with the next round of this amazing online casino game that you play! Click here to register.

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