Jackpot City Casino Affiliate Program

Join our Jackpot City Casino’s affiliate program and get a chance to earn money online by marketing our online casino!

Our Jackpot City Casino affiliate program is a revenue sharing business at its essence. This means that you earn commissions by attracting players to our online casino. You don’t even have to be an online marketing whiz to be a Jackpot City Casino affiliate! We give you all the tools and tricks of the trade that you need to know for you to have the most success that you can have.

Sign-up with us for free and you can gain access to all the knowledge that you can get to learn in able for you to reach your maximum profitable potential. We also have a team of tenured online casino and marketing experts available for you to get in touch with. You are free to pick their brains and gain as much information from their years of experience that you can to get a leg up in this competitive market.

Jackpot Winner Casino also walks you through on getting started to be a part of our affiliate program. We give you all that you need to know in every aspect of online marketing from domain registration to all the latest industry trends that are going down at the moment. With all the additional links that we provide, you can get an even deeper understanding on how to market our casino even better.

You also get to make use of our immense creative library filled with all the marketing materials that you would ever need to optimize your website in attracting as much players to join Jackpot City Casino as you can.

You can get up to 60% commissions on every player who you attract to play in our casino! The more people that you get in to our casino, the more commissions that you can get! You also get a percentage of the profit that we make from the players you bring!

The opportunities for more income with our affiliate program are endless! When you introduce another affiliate to our program as your sub-affiliate, you gain 8% of all the commissions that your referral gains as a finder’s fee.

You can choose any of the commission models that we have available depend on how you’d like to receive all the income that you make marketing our Jackpot Winners Casino. Click here now and start earning commissions through experiencing our casino!

Once you have become a part of our affiliate program, you can track your productivity results in a real-time report that you can look ever to see your results. These reports also show a detailed analysis of all the marketing strategies that you are performing as well as showing you all the areas in need for improvement.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of Jackpot City Casino’s affiliate program right away! You can earn so much more income bringing in tons more AU casino players with all the marketing tricks and tools that we have provided for you!

Last updated on August 15, 2016