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Jackpot City Casino Craps

Have a go with the most exciting online games that we offer at Jackpot City Casino! This intense online dice game is sure to bring color and thrills to any free time that you use playing!

You don’t even have to have any experience in online casino gaming to enjoy this incredible casino game! Some of you might find this game intimidating at first, but it’s fairly simple! Once you get familiarized with the basic wagers there are, this AU casino game can give you the most enjoyable and lucrative time you could ever want only here at our Jackpot City Casino. The best thing of all is that you can play this amazing game on your mobile device with Jackpot City Casino mobile version.

The foremost betting strategy that you should know is the line bets. This is the primary bet coming at the ‘come out’ roll, which establishes the ‘point’, can be 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If you bet on the ‘pass line’, you win when the ‘come out’ roll is 7 or 11 before the ‘point’ is established. When the ‘point’ is established, any number that the dice rolls out other than 7 wins. This principle is the opposite when you wager on a ‘don’t pass’ bet. You can also use these rules when you wager on a ‘come’ or ‘don’t come’ bet. The only difference between a pass and come bet is that the latter can be made at any time while the game is going on.

There are so many more combinations of wagers that you can place that will surely boost your bankroll! There are field bets, place bets, proposition bets, hardways bets, and more! Click here to register and see which bet works for you straightaway!

Create an account at Jackpot City Casino now and you are free to play as much online Jackpot City Casino craps games that you want with us! With all the bets that you can make, you’re sure to come out as a winner!