Deep Sea Treasure Slot

Man has always been fascinated with the deep sea. They have made movies, TV shows, cartoons and merchandise that depict deep sea creatures. Online slots aren’t spared with this obsession.

There are many deep sea themed slots game available online right now. One of them is the Deep Sea Treasure Slot.  This undersea themed slot game was made by a small online casino game developer called Blueprint Gaming. Unlike other bigger developers, Blueprint Gaming does not have its own platform. They would lease their games using other platforms.

How to Play

You can play Deep Sea Treasure slot using your browser or through your mobile device. There are plenty of available online free play modes you can use to practice. Once you got the hang of it you can play for real money at an online casino that offers Deep Sea Treasure Slot game.

The Deep Sea Treasure online game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. You can bet one coin per pay line.  You can adjust your bet and the number of pay lines you want to bet on using the plus and minus symbols at the right of the bet and lines window. Your total bet will be displayed in the Total bet window before you spin.

The Deep Sea Treasure Symbols

The symbols used in Deep Sea Treasure are, as expected, about deep sea creatures. You’ll find a clown fish, a pink squid and a yellow starfish symbol as you play the game. Deep Sea Treasure also uses the highest values in a playing card deck namely 9, 10, J for the Jack, Q for the queen, K for the King and A for the Ace.  Whenever you land a winning combination, these the deep sea creatures would start animating.

Winning in Deep Sea Treasure

The Wild symbol in Deep Sea Treasure is the shark. It can replace all other symbols except for the scatter symbol. Landing a wild on a winning combination doubles your prize. Landing on 3 or more wild and other symbols earns you more prizes.

The scatter symbol is the puffer fish. When you spin 3 or more puffer fish you can get free spins. The free spins are picked at random. The highest free spin you can win is 50. When you have made your first free spin, you will be taken to a new window where an octopus is guarding several treasure chests. Pick one chest and that will contain the multiplier that will be applied throughout the duration of your free spins.

The Deep Sea Treasure slot game may be simple but it is truly entertaining. The wild symbol of the shark is very surprising as it only starts moving when you make a winning combination. Try your luck and see if you can win the treasure in Deep Sea Treasure.

Last updated on December 1, 2016