Jackpot city casino has hundreds of games to offer and among them players have no problem in finding many progressive jackpot slots. Powered by leading software developers, these games frequently make players rich, including some of the Jackpot city casino winners Mar 2018. The achievements of the most successful players are listed on the website and constantly updated. They provide players with the impetus to stay active and even double their efforts, as they chase these life-changing amounts.

Progressive jackpots always climb at Jackpot city casino

Not surprisingly, the biggest Jackpot city casino winners Mar 2018 were players spinning the reels of slots carrying progressive jackpots. Someone walked away with more than €700,000 in cash and the next 8 players all claimed six digit amounts. That’s a lot of money to win for simply spinning the reels of games whose outcome rely exclusively on luck. The investment is minimal and the best part is that players can even use the free spins and bonus funds offered for joining the casino.

When the biggest five winners of March 2018 were revealed Jackpot city casino made sure that their personal information was protected. All that we know is the amounts they won and the games that produced these big winnings, not details about the lucky players. Still, this is more than enough to be motivated to jump on the bandwagon and play these high paying slots.

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